Submission guidelines for conferences organizers

We recommend that authors use the ITM Web of Conferences Microsoft Word or LaTeX2e templates to prepare their documents. They have to follow carefully the instructions for authors available at the website of the journal.

Extra care should be taken when preparing reference lists. Indeed, online references will be linked to their original source, only if possible.

Please indicate clearly to your authors the type of document they have to supply:

  • Format of the documents: 17 x 25 cm one column or A4 two columns, at your convenience,
  • Type of files, which they have to supply: text file (Word or LaTeX) or print-ready PDF, depending on whether you chose our option “Layout” or not.

Before submitting the accepted articles from your conference, please check our preparation and submission guidelines. Depending on whether you chose to provide us print-ready PDFs or to use our editorial service to monitor text files (Word and/or LaTeX), please download: